Back to the question of why I asked for the favor because if you didn't get your child in by age 3, then you couldn't unless you were a large donor. I was not a large donor. They made a space because the billionaire asked. They interviewed my kid, who was 5 at the time, to make sure she would fit in. So it was not a case that she took someone's spot. They just added a spot. It was just that competitive in NYC. Friends, both top researchers at Sloan Kettering, couldn't get their 3 year old into the program. So some programs are more difficult to get into. Did some large donor kids take spots from other kids, yes. I was not a donor period. Do some professor kids get into an IVY school because they are professors, taking spots away from other kids, yes. Is that different than paying a sport coach to lie and say they do the sport, yes. My kid is really smart, interested in science. No lie. She did not take a spot away from someone else.