For an edge in Ivy League admissions, grab an oar and row
By Sophie Alexander, Ben Steverman
The Washington Post
March 31, 2019
Accessed from The Chicago Tribune, April 1, 2019

Recent online articles continue to tout the importance of extra-curricular sports activities to help one gain admission to elite and Ivy League colleges, "a system that favors athletes in college admissions". This article focuses on rowing crew (possibly not coincidentally, a sport mentioned in the recent college admissions scandal), and shares that "college rowing coaches recruit heavily from abroad..."
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Chicago Tribune - Washington Post[/i]]... recruited athletes who score highly on academics have an 83 percent chance of getting in compared with 16 percent for non-athletes -- a 67-point boost. Legacy applicants and low-income applicants had a 40-point and 9-point boost, respectively.

Meanwhile this college consulting service boasts
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In 2018-2019 92% of students who worked with us on 3 schools or more and heeded our advice earned admission to their top college choice