amylou-- I'll let you know how things go this coming year. My DD had a somewhat similar profile. We opted for an honors college in a land-grant flagship with a large research footprint in STEM. That way, she gets the SLAC treatment via the Honors Baccalaureate requirements (and specialty coursework, priority registration, etc.) and also gets the research environment to be found at a larger PhD-granting institution with professional schools attached to it.

It was this, or a consortium-member school like HMC or MIT, where she could have taken humanities courses at a high level outside of her major. She has interests that are too broad for a place like SIT or RPI, much as they would have loved to have her. This also has the additional merit of being-- FREE given the amount of merit aid they tossed her way.

Depending upon her specific interests, Reed or St. Johns sound like very good fits, too, Amylou-- but Reed is quite "crunchy." (Wasn't my DD's thing at all).

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