Having been an undergraduate at both types of schools, I can tell you the differences I saw were far more relevant in the lower classes than in any other aspect of the school. At the higher end school, the material was like twice the content in a given classroom and the expected outside work were much greater. The dialog in the classroom had many people engaged, debating, etc. At the state university, had to rush to take 3 and 4 hundred level classes to not be bored. Socially, you could have engaging conversation at the top tier school with most anyone right outside the classroom, and big senior projects and internship opps were the norm. But at the state school I met people in organizations with common interests and my good friend there was PG and her parents professors at the school. Other HG+ folks at the state school, were overall quirkier and more likely to have had other routes into school like military first. Within the psychology department all my friends were grad students.

Oh yeah, I also found the professors much more engaging and available at the state school. They liked their few challenging students.