In addition, my approach is essentially dealing with the periphery rather than the core.

My techniques only work if you are avoiding the major centers such as NYC/DC.

My concept is to avoid the Tiger Kids. There's no rule that says that you have to compete in that game and to me, the "risk-adjusted return" is greater in doing what I'm doing.

I also use this approach in law. For example, I chose to *avoid* the MegaFirms and MegaCorps. There are major, major deathtraps later in your career in those areas (even years ago). In fact, one the sources of my corporate work (which also was a corporation that recruited me to do my own job) walked straight into one a few years ago.

I try to look at the entire system, cradle to grave.

Bostonian and Wren, on the other hand, attack the Core and seem to do quite well. They are experienced in their approaches and use their knowledge to thrive there.

These are completely different approaches and they both work, however, both approaches require really understanding what is going on and having actual experience in the systems.