The point of college right now (from the administration's perspective) is apparently to vacuum in as much "free" government debt as possible.

With every passing year, this problem is getting worse.

However, I don't expect the system to break or anything major to change anytime soon. I don't see a reason for it to change.

I simply expect it to keep getting worse for some time.

The students are clearly functioning as excellent sources of tax revenue (now at 6+%), the colleges are happy (free $$$), parents are happy (college is good! education is good!), and students are happy while in school (look at these perks! We have a spa! the government is giving me beer money! Yay!!!).

I also expect the median wage to continue its punctuated decline (in real terms). I expect that the next recession (whenever it hits) to drop this lower.

The system seems to be solidly locked into making things worse because there are enough people who are getting what they want at the moment.

I expect health care to be a major "problem" before college is really noticed as a problem.