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    Here is a directory of the Davidson Gifted Forum posts on math resources. I made it by going through all past posts and selecting those with subject lines that were discernibly about math and that had at least 1 reply. I've attempted to group the threads into categories, but some items fall into multiple categories. Cross-posted from the Cognito Mentoring blog.


    Everyday Math, Common Core edition

    Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP)
    Math Curriculum For HS - Please help compare

    Chalkdust upper math programs

    math curriculum (textbooks) recs?

    Houghton Mifflin Math

    Singapore Math

    Singapore math and gaps
    Singapore Math - I need help
    Definitive guide on Singapore Maths

    Singapore Math and Pace

    Singapore Math Questions
    Singapore Math Placement Tests
    Singapore Math
    Need Singapore Math Help

    Math curriculum and getting too far ahead thoughts

    Singapore Math info?
    Which (Singapore?) math workbook for DS7
    Singapore Math books

    Need help with Singapore Math

    Art of Problem Solving

    AoPS pre-algebra first impressions

    AoPS Intro to Geometry course review
    AoPS Number Theory or Counting & Probability?

    Beast Academy from AoPS

    Art of Problem Solving - new pre-algebra class?

    AoPS for the win

    new daytime class for Art of Problem Solving
    AoPS books

    Art of Problem Solving course ?

    Pre-algebra / Algebra
    Algebra App for ages 5+
    [url=htt...#Post172744]Changes in algebra textbooks

    Reviews of Thinkwell Algebra? Good prep for AOPS?
    Borenson Algebra
    videotext algebra?
    Bill Nye--Algebra!
    Prealgebra and Algebra book recommendations
    Review for pre-algebra?


    Geometry text recommendation

    Precalculus / Trigonometry

    Precalc-Trig resources
    for math resources[/url] (young)
    Pre-Calculus Book Recommendation
    Trigonometry resources
    Pre Calculus Texts

    Calculus online problem-based resources?

    Experience with Calculus by and for Young People?

    For early elementary schoolers

    Math facts concern
    Math workbooks for 4yo
    Math enrichment in K, 1, 2, 3?
    Where to buy math books for afterschooling ds6?
    Addition/Subtraction Web Site

    EPGY vs CTY math at K-1 level?
    computer math for K-3?

    Multiplication tricks
    Best Young Math Curriculum/Enrichment Resources
    Suggestions/ideas for Math?
    Looking for math resources

    Online classes and systems
    Online math course that aligns with Common Core?

    online math programs

    JHU/CTY v. EPGY for Math

    How does Alcumus work?

    Which on-line math program do you like best?
    Self-paced online Math: EPGY/ALEKS/IXL/Mathletics

    Math sites w/o timers!

    Online math?

    EMF online math
    Distance/Online Maths in the UK
    Looking for a distance learning accredited Algebra
    Online resource with Saxon Math

    chart comparing AoPS, JHU and EGPY

    Need help finding online math curriculum

    Which Online Math Program?

    EPGY Math

    EPGY K-7 Math Open Enrollment
    ALEKKS vs Mathletics and Rainforest maths

    CTY on-line math program
    Larson math (online)
    math programs

    Aleks - Progression Question

    aleks or time4learning

    ALEKS vs. other alternatives
    ALEKS QuickTables?

    IXL or ALEK math???

    Moving up Aleks level - is there course overlap?

    Aleks math too easy?
    ALEKS question
    ALEKS or other alternative math programs
    What level to start Aleks?
    Aleks Math- questions for those who've used it


    math kangaroo
    Math Competitions independant of sc...f Unity" - a thinker-style math Olympiad

    Math olympiad?

    Elementary math competition books?
    Wisconsin mathematics talent search
    Looking for ideas re: math competition
    MathCounts practice books/courses?
    Math Competitions
    Exeter math competition and problem sets
    Advice - multi-accel in math, what next?
    Questions about Noetic Learning's Challenge Math
    Math Olympiad Contest Problems for Elementary and
    Math Kangaroo
    Fermi Math League
    Math Competition Resource
    Math Competition Documentary
    State Math Competition - links!
    Great site for mathematics

    Good online math games for speed
    ...line math game for kids past elem. math?

    Math maze generator

    Dimension M algebra I game
    Free Geometry and Prealgebra Math Games
    A very cool math game

    Free pre-algebra puzzle/game site
    Dimensions Math
    Online math games
    Bill Nye and Descartes' Cove for cheap!
    The Chaos Game
    Descartes' Cove math game by CTY

    You Can Count on Monsters
    Life of Fred math books
    Life of Fred math books
    New Life of Fred books

    Life of Fred order
    Murderous Math Series vs. Life of Fred Books?
    anyone have math book/story recommendations?
    What age for Murderous Maths?
    Do I need to buy the Murderous Maths in order?
    Life of Fred
    Life Of Fred
    Murderous Maths books...which one(s) first?
    "Life of Fred" math books

    Summer camps

    Math Camp for low income students
    Epsilon Math Camp - experiences?
    AwesomeMath at the University of Texas Dallas

    General / Miscellaneous

    Elementary and middle school math recommendations
    Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

    Wolfram Problem Generator
    [ to replace worksheets for dysgraphics

    New Math App
    Liping Ma - knowing and teaching mathematics

    A free/open source math website

    Museum of Mathematics
    Math workbooks, just for fun?

    Looking for math enrichment resources

    Math resources for a Visual/Spatial Learner?
    "Math Circle Diaries" book on creative math

    Math Resources

    Like Starfall, but for math?
    Neat math site!
    Math on IPAD for dysgraphic
    Plano math rocks program
    Math resources for verbally gifted 7 year old?
    math reading list for MIT PRIMES
    inexpensive math etexts

    Fundamental Concepts in Elementary Mathematics

    Math and Science Enrichment Opportunities
    Seeking calculator recommendations
    Homeschool Math
    supplement/homeschool math

    Math Museum to open in New York City in 2012
    Khan academy on CNN
    Another good set of maths resources
    Thinkwell Math Assessment Test
    Probability and Statistics fun?

    Another good set of maths resources

    really fun math videos
    A Mathematician's Lament by Paul Lockhart

    VSL teaching math backwards?
    Why Do Math? (web site)

    opinions on these math sites please!
    Math/reading for young VSL's
    mental math
    Math Educational Videos

    Math Problems of the Day

    math investigations

    Math workbook for EPGY - Create math worksheets for free

    Math enrichment

    Math books that encourage thinking

    what's the name of those math books....

    video for math fact memorization?

    For "mathy" kids and anyone else interested

    Math dictionary?

    Maths Help

    Abacus resources?

    Free math site
    Looking for math worksheet

    Maths videos

    World Maths Day tmw
    Graph Paper Link to Help Young Math Writers
    The Joy of Math-Teaching Company

    You Tube Math Lessons

    Mathmatical Rules and Formulas

    Destination Math Written Materials - Bingo!
    Cool math/history video

    online "Maths Dictionary for Kids"

    Destination Math -- Opinions?

    Online Math (Free)

    Need a recommendation: Math history?
    online math programs

    Making Math Fun

    Hey Math!

    Teaching Math

    Math intuition, math without books
    Math Programs
    Math Book
    Any suggestions for math?

    Multiplication and Other Math Tricks

    Gifted in math

    Advising for gifted children available at Cognito Mentoring.
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    Joined: Feb 2012
    Posts: 1,390
    Thank you for compiling these!

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    Yes, great job.

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    Joined: Mar 2013
    Posts: 690
    Thank you!

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    Joined: Nov 2012
    Posts: 2,513
    Thank you!!

    What is to give light must endure burning.

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