Today dd and I were doing an errand that took a bit of driving. We were having a nice long chat full of the questions that kids are famous for -- e.g. why can't we see through clouds, are there spaces in your body between the organs, are the capillaries all squished together, how can the government shut down, etc, etc. But then it got a little quiet and I thought "she's probably reading something" when suddenly she bursts out in dramatic song. She was singing her sister's recital piece from 2010 -- in Italian. She sure got my attention!

I was joking with her about it and she said that she'd been singing it to herself during her timed multiplication test today. I said "what do you mean during the test?" and she responded -- mom, I don't need my brain to do those tests, so it was nice to have something to think about while I was putting down the numbers.

lol. Thanks for indulging me!