My 12 year old son finished his writing composition assignment, to write three poems, early even though he had a really rough week and started wearing a very uncomfortable brace at night when he already had trouble sleeping. I didn't even have to encourage him to finish. He wrote two of the poems in the back seat of the car on his iPhone. Motor dysgraphia doesn't seem like that much of a problem for him any more since he can do his writing anywhere using his iPhone or netbook. He has maintained a high A in the class since it began last fall and he is one of the youngest students in the class.

He also made it through a difficult three-hour musical theater rehearsal with a bad headache and back pain. He had missed the rehearsal the week before because of a migraine and he could not miss this one because they are performing at a local TV station in a few days.

I am very proud of my son because he used to be sensitive to clothing tags, but is somehow managing to work through his pain and do what he needs to do to get the job done and do it well.