DD 8.5 won a 'building' competition at school today. Her teacher is trying so hard to find new activities to incorporate in the class to engage DD and let her shine. Today they had twenty minutes to build a tower from straws and connectors and then were graded on height, sturdiness, originality of design, etc. DD and her partner got 190 points and their tower was one meter higher than all the others (second place was 127 points). Such a small little brag, but it is HUGE for her. She is flying high and so proud of herself. She put a lot of thought into building a sturdy base and strategically taking straws out of bottom levels to add to the top to make it higher. Just listening to her talk about it made me wish she could get this engaged and excited about school on a regular basis. Sounds like her teacher is starting to figure her out, though.
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