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Ds always insists on dressing the part for whatever he is obsessed with so he has a collection of space related Clothing.
The first day of the unit he chose a shirt with the space shuttle
on it, day number two he wore a shirt with a picture of the earth
wearing sunglasses, and the next two days he wore shirts with
different depictions of the solar system.

That's really cute! DD would love those types of outfits but I've never found many cool planets/sun/moon for girls. She did have a pair of shoes with the planets on them but they're too small now and she had a water bottle with planets/stars on it but that got moldy. frown So instead she has a ton of dresses gifted from the relatives...

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Using the playdough for the phases is a great idea! I'll have to pass that on to DS's teachers, I am sure they would love it!
Sorry your DD can't see the moon, DS would be grumpy too, it's
part of his bedtime rountine.

Seriously, don't feel too sorry for her! We live extremely close to a major airport so she can see all the planes landing/taking off from our balcony. Add to that there's a bus station within viewing distance so we have plenty of eye candy for her. laugh