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My dd13 asked to have a "family meeting" to discuss rules and chores. She showed up to the meeting with three different power point presentations that she downloaded onto a variety of "computer" like things so we could all follow along. She had research on the various topics such as make-up. etc. She led a two hour meeting on what her chores should be, what her freedom should be in regards to make-up, clothes and shoes, and what the consequences should be for not following through etc. I have to admit it was one of the most pleasurably Sunday afternoons in quite awhile.

Wow! She sounds like a kid with a very good head on her shoulders. I love hearing stories about teens like that! smile So did she end up getting what she wanted?

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Ds 2.5 went through a Solar System obsession around 18 months, learned the planets in order, the phases of the moon and much more. Last week the theme unit in his science class was space and he was thrilled.
On his weekly report his teacher wrote; we have enjoyed hearing
DS's knowledge of the Solar System ,it is quiet extensive.
Also he gets extra credit for theme related attire.

Oh, what was his attire? We also had a phases of the moon obsession awhile back. We used to have to make them out of playdough all the time. grin Now in our new apt we can't see the moon at night and we have a very grumpy toddler because of it!