DS5 was watching the original Willy Wonka movie the other afternoon and when I walked in the room, he said, "Mommy, I figured out Charlie's percent. It's one fifth percent."

For those of you who haven't seen the movie recently, there's a scene where Charlie's math teacher is teaching the class about calculating percentages, using the number of Wonka bars the students bought out of 1000 bars total. I think one kid had bought 100, one had bought 300, etc. Charlie said he'd only bought 2. His teacher said that wasn't enough to calculate, so he made Charlie change his number to 200 to do the calculation.

I asked him to explain how he did it and he said, "Well, 100 is 10%, 10 is 1% and 2 is 1/5 of 10, so he had 1/5%. And 2000 would be 200%" smile

I'm pretty sure they haven't covered percentages at school yet, so he must have learned it from the teacher in the movie. Gotta love those educational programs. wink