Just got this text today from my husband. Apparently my husband and son are at Barnes and Noble by the bargain books in the kids section. My son (15 months old), is playing with a pile of Mickey Mouse books and notices that 3 books down in the same pile there's a Princess book. All of a sudden, he starts going to other piles and lifting up the first three books to see what's underneath. After 5 to 6 times of doing this, he stops ... we're assuming that he came to the conlusion that the Mickey Mouse pile was a fluke.

And then yesterday he was walking up and down a slope over and over again. He would walk up the slope and then clap - he was so proud of himself that he could do it. He would then walk down the slope, and turn around to do it again. It really seemed to us like he was practicing and working hard to being able to walk up and down slopes without falling so much.

It's really fascinating to see how much he likes to challenge himself and work at things. That's definitely an aspect of his personality that I want to keep around.
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