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There seems to be a lot of new posters on the board and many seem to have voiced the same comment - that they can't share their children's accomplishments with anyone. So I think it's time for a brag thread!

What wonderful amazing things has your child done lately that you can't tell anyone? Boast away in all your glory!

I'll start: We withdrew DS11 out of the 8th grade this month and enrolled him in high school. He just got back his first ever high school assignment and got an "A"! It's a small thing I know, but confirmation for me that more acceleration was needed.

Who's next? (and I expect much more boasting details from all those posters on the "isolation thread"! Here's your chance!)

Ok. But I'll probably only tell this here, you know, to a few hundred of my closest friends and strangers (and the hubby). I thought it was cute and funny. I was nursing 5mo and 3yr old was pestering, giving her pretend cookies, pretend medicine, making compulsory random<squeak> (squawk, shriek) sounds and hopping on the bed. The girl was temporarily miserable, gassy, and hiccuping, trying to nurse herself back to sleep. I swear she said as clearly as I do "Get. Out. Of. Here." not yelling, but pausing crisply after every word. She sounded just like me. She didn't make the two t sounds, that's all. But I don't enunciate all that sharply.
She has spells where she does non-stop pre-verbal baby babble. And sometimes if she's in a singing mood and I'm replaying her YouTube songs for her to coo and croon along with we'll hear something approximating a word or two from the song now and then. And I remember the boy clearly said "goodnight" at this age when we said it first. But the girl just appropriately used a full sentence in context. I probably won't even put that in a journal, but I really wanted to share.
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