DD 8.5 was asked to do an extra project over spring break. It involved researching a prominent local historical figure to tie in with the class's unit on black history. This is her teacher's first foray into 'liberating the curriculum.' It has been a slow start to enrichment, 100% related to DD's crippling perfectionism. After a week and a half of torture (MY torture, because I had to practically sit and hold her hand the whole time and encourage her that she could do the research and do the typing, etc.), DD presented to the class yesterday and brought home two notes praising her efforts from the teacher and the principal. She gave a brief presentation and then quizzed the class about what she had said. They earned puzzle pieces for correct answers and then the put together a puzzle of the lady's picture. She did enjoy making the puzzle herself, so that part was a plus. Apparently, the class loved it!

DD tells me last night that it was so much fun, she can't wait to do it again. GREAT! CAN'T WAIT! (this is going to get easier... right?)
Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it. — L.M. Montgomery