I've never posted on the "brag" thread, but this one is kind of fun for us...

Our K-8 homeschool charter has been really great, and started a school-wide spelling bee (the first step in the Scripps Challenge) at our request. DS6 is technically only a 1st grader and the regional competition is for Gr. 3-8, but the school opened it to 1st graders to let him participate.

The first round was a written round, using 500 study words (evenly spread from grades 1-8). Everyone who scored 25+/35 words on the written moved to the "finals." About 30 participated, and DS6 was 1 of 8 who moved up. In the final round, he came in 4th after spelling "raisin" too fast. He was bummed to come out b/c he knew all the words, but forgot to slow down. (We were secretly just as happy that he didn't come in 1st, b/c it's good for him to do well at something but still not be the best, esp. against some GT 8th graders!)

Anyhow...we just learned that in the first round of spelling, amongst the 30 kids (all 3rd-8th grade besides him), he was the only one to get a perfect score. Apparently, the teachers and director were all buzzing about it. It was great b/c everyone knows where he is academically, but few get to see him in action. I'm hoping this will help us to open even more doors in terms of activities/curriculum I'd like the school to implement.

Next step, he wants to do a geography bee. I guess we're off to study rivers! smile smile

HS Mom to DYS6 and DS2