The boy (3 yrs. Old) doesn't quite get "jobs" yet. He just gets on his Harley davidson trike and says "tell me bye, i'm going to work" and zooms off down the hallway. Or says "bye. I'm going to the HEB (grocery store) and zooms off to the kitchen. What a life. He only thinks of going to work or shopping for groceries, just like his dad.
He did get a fisher-price garbage truck for christmas with plastic recycling pieces. He put the pieces in the back of his toy F-150 pickup (even though we drive chevy). I told him "those go in the garbage truck". He said "no, look. That's not trash. There's food on them. I'm going to feed the cows." (it was a box of canned peas).
Guess that's not a brag. He has too much sense and little imagination. But maybe it's a future in agriculture. Lord, I just hope it's not bull riding.

Giftodd, maybe one day your daughter and I can sit around daydreaming of designing the starship enterprise. There's got to be something past the moon.
Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar