My 12 year old son took an end of semester test in his writing composition class yesterday even though he was sick with a bad cold. The sniffles did not stop him, wearing an uncomfortable scoliosis brace didn't stop him, lack of sleep did not stop him, and his dysgraphia did not stop him even though there were several essay questions on the test. He had earned A+ on almost every writing assignment in the class and was determined to keep his A for the semester. He had earned those A+ papers even though he had to work around frequent migraines. He also got an A+ on a one-page paper he had to write in his history class last week.

Also, one week before his last performance, three of the boys in his musical theater group had something come up where they couldn't do the show. There were several last minute changes to the choreography and my son had to do more solos than he is used to doing, but he did very well.