DD's school had their book sale this week and she came home with a wish list of about $50 dollars worth of books! (and only that much because she ran out of space to write any more laugh ) The next day she used a bunch of her "good behavior points" to buy herself a book and 2 books for her little 2 yr old sister. The following day she spent more of these reward points to buy DH a book and this morning when I went into her room to wake her up she was already up counting her money from her piggy bank to see if she had enough money to buy me a book! It was so sweet. blush She decided she didn't so she asked her dad for a loan to buy my book. When she got home today she was excited to show DH the new poster she had bought and tell him about lending money to a friend who hadn't been able to buy anything, and then she was in tears because she didn't have enough money left to buy me the book she wanted. frown By the time I got home from work she had decided that she would give me the poster she had wanted because she felt so bad that she hadn't gotten me anything!
Put this together with my post a few days ago and I wonder how we have managed to raise such a sweet and caring little girl! She is such a special kid - I have tears in my eyes writing this.