DD7 just finished reading the young reader version of Three Cups of Tea and she wrote a response to it for school. (she chose the book) She then brought the book, her analysis and the picture book Listen to the Wind ( the young child version of the story) to school to try to convince her teacher to let her class run a pennies for peace campaign!
She did a project on Listen to the Wind last year for school and wrote a letter to Greg Mortenson and sent all of her pennies to his organization. She got a great poster and thank you card back which has just made her want to do more. smile She recently got the magazine from his organization ( Central Asian Institute ) and this rekindled her interested in helping out. She is amazed at the stories and can't believe that a penny can really buy a pencil or that people would think that girls shouldn't be educated. She has got a jar going at home, put one on my desk at work, and is keeping her fingers crossed that her teacher will let her class do a fundraiser at school too.