Just have to brag to someone!

DS7 has been working on his science fair project since the day school started. It is a VERY big deal at his school. He had to write a research paper complete with all of the bells and whistles ie bibliography, abstract etc. This was all completely new territory for him. This project was very challenging and I admit there were many times I thought he was in over his head.

Fast forward to tuesday night.... Son is supposed to practice his presentation for the judges as each student is only allotted 6 minutes. Son is in a puddle on the floor, hysterical. He can't do this, why am I torturing him? On and on it went. Finally I picked him up, hugged him, then set him down in front of his presentation board. I asked him to think about all the work he'd done. Everything on the board was there because he had a question that needed an answer and he'd done that. Then I told him it was his decision, I wouldn't force him to present if he didn't feel he could and walked out of the room.

Wednesday morning rolls around and I still have no idea what he's decided. I give his science teacher a heads up and drive away. Imagine my trepidation when I am met by the principal as I come through the door to pick him up. This quickly turns to surprise when I realize she is complimenting me on what a fine presentation my son gave. For his part, he had a smile that threatened to split his face and told me that his teacher gave him a B on his presentation and that his project had gotten an A overall!

I'm just soooo proud o my little man!!
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