My Ds6 (who would be i kindergarten/reception here in Australia if he went to school) is a perfectionist and melts down as soon as it becomes apparent he has got an answer wrong. But yesterday when working on an activity on a website when he got 50% correct he was thrilled and said "When I get something wrong, it doesn't mean that I am bad at maths, it just means I haven't learned it yet!"

Until mid way through this year he has never done any formal maths other than the odd conversation about numbers in the car and one grade one workbook in his stack of books. He had never seen the kinds of problems he was working on (he usually enjoys arithmetic and this was matching shapes that were rotated - the differences were quite subtle). I'm so proud that he seemingly has got past this huge barrier to his learning smile
The other thing that impressed/shocked me was that he was searching for ages for an activity using square roots. He finally found it in the grade 7 section! (I'm sure I learned about them earlier than that). He got all of the square root questions correct and the few cube root questions correct with a bit of help from me (he'd never heard of them before). But what I'm most happy about is that he is loving this stuff! I've been searching for a half decent Australian online maths program with many tears as he's found it so frustrating to get incorrect answers a he does the trial memberships. Now it finally seems worth it (even if this one isn't exactly what we are looking for, it has its limits).