I browsed amazon and came up with a remidial software program for struggling kids 1st through 6th grade.  (math, reading, phonics, spelling, science).  The bad reviews complained that the program isn't divided neatly by grade level and that it's babyish for the ages listed.  Sounds fine for an advanced 3 yr old who can barely read.  Yesterday I heard him repeatedly chose to listen to a lesson on synonym, antonym, and homonym three times through.  Today he clicked on a review. It was multiple choice.  The computer reads the choices you scroll over.   Whenever he guesses he just hits all the buttons in order.  He didn't . He's learning!   The first quiestion was "what is a homonym?". Alike, different, opposites, two-words.  He scrolled over all the and listened to the answer choices, thinking about the right answer, and then got it!!!  He didn't know a lot of other answers.  You can tell because then he starts at one end and guesses every choice in order until he wins.  I don't know how many he got right or wrong.  I walked away.  He passed the level.  He just turned 3 last month and he just studied and passed a friggin grammar test on his own.  Granted it's educational software and it's designed to teach him, but still. .  But my three year old just studied and passed a grammar test on his own so I'm bragging anyway.  
Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar