DD3 is a very bright creative child, but due to her brother being my PG DS6 I often worry that things will go unnoticed with her. Well she was scribbling forever until one day I asked if she could draw a person and she said she couldn't, so I showed her how I would draw one and she proceeded to draw our whole family, and did quite well. I was floored! Well this was shortly after turning 3, so now a few months later she draws a little more elaborate pictures (today she drew a beaver jumping into water, a lion, a flower, a sun, a very well decorated birthday cake with 13 candles, and then I randomly asked if she could draw the letter M for her name. I then drew one. I asked her to draw one and she said she couldn't because there was only one M in her name and I had already drawn it, lol. So she proceeds to tell me there are other letters that she can draw, some in her name and some that are not. She then draws an A, T, I, C, U, E...and did very well with it, they looked great! The more I see how she works the more she seems like she is going to be one of those kids that just suddenly starts doing something randomly and does it well. Anyhow, I brag about DS a lot and thought I would share something about DD.