We had DD7's parent-teacher conference tonight, and got the results of her beginning-of-year testing.

STAR reading, GE 6.3
OCCT (Oklahoma benchmark - this is the end of year proficiency exam, but administered as a pre-test): Low 60s in both math and reading. As a comparison, the class average on the pretest was in the 30s, random guessing would be expected to produce 25, and the prior year's end-of-3rd graders averaged a 75 in math and 78 in reading.

The STAR was given 2 weeks after the "have to get 90% right to skip 2nd grade" test, and the OCCT 4 weeks after. She got a 92% on each. I think it's safe to conclude that they set the grade-skip bar far, far higher than "performs as well as the average kid who completed the grade to be skipped."

Also, wow am I glad we skipped her.