My little train-obsessed DS (25 months) has fallen in love with the book "The Little Engine that Could." He wants us to read it to him constantly. Tonight, he dragged DH to the couch to read to him (he says very few words) but wouldn't sit on his lap. As DH read the book, DS took his wooden train track pieces and made a track that hung over the edge of the coffee table onto the floor. When they got to the part in the story where the little blue engine began to pull the train up the mountain he selected his blue train and two cargo cars and proceeded to drive them up his 'mountain' as he said "I dink I dan, I dink I dan!"

Unfortunately the track collapsed as he was almost to the top and he became very upset. I am still astounded that he understood the story as well as he did. I thought he just liked it because it had a train in it!
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