That first one is interesting! I love looking at kid art. My now five-year-old started making some cute, whimsical stuff when he was 2-3, which I started recording:

(an animal he called the "snail chicken")

(tough to see because the toy was breaking down)

(yes, another snail, again with feet smile )

(I believe those are legs, not shoulders)

(a "squid monster")

(a rocket ship on a launch pad)

(a walking monster, with IIRC a piece of poop coming out of its butt laugh )

My favorite one of all from when he was 3 was basically the rediscovered form of Fritz the Cat, but I never got around to taking pictures of that, or some of the other coolest ones from back then.

Later, he started doing simple line drawings on paper, I suspect so he'd have an excuse to color them in (I don't usually let him color):

This is supposedly a picture of me-- I don't think this is my best angle:

He initially described this as a mummy baby, but later switched to saying it was his baby brother:

He first drew this one, then another picture of a very long-legged character, standing next to a much shorter fruit tree, weeping because he couldn't reach down to the fruit (I don't know what happened to that one unfortunately):

A dancing alien:

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