DS6 took his first unit math test with his 4th grade class (and really his first real test other than spelling tests). He got a 96%. I am very proud of him, but also kind of happy that he didn't get 100% as he always seems to get everything right.

And a funny story to go along with this. He has a spelling test today and his homework last night was supposed to be to study. He looked at his homework sheet and very seriously said "study? What does it mean to study?" LOL. Funny, but kind of sad. I had to explain to him that sometimes you don't get something right away and have to review it and go over it to help you learn the information. He was a little perplexed. It's not that he hasn't had things he has to work at (like strategy games and such) but academics in general has never been something he has had to look at more than once. I am hopeful as time goes on and he continues to be accelerated that he will have to study for something to learn that skill. Don't want him to be shocked when college comes.