DS7 has been in his new school as a 6/7th grader for 5 weeks. He got his first progress report today and is getting a B in pre-algebra, a B+ in science and an A in LA. The change has been amazing. He doesn't complain about the work load at all! He's working really hard and I'm so proud of him. Who knew that there was perserverance in there?

Brag #2... He had to write a research paper for his science fair project. He's never written more than a couple of paragraphs, ever. He has been working on it for weeks without help. He insisted he could do it himself. When I proofread the finished product I realized that no one had ever explained the term "plagarism" to my son. Being that 7 yo don't as a general rule do research papers, go figure. Anyway, I had to explain it to him and told him that he would have to re-write his paper. Instead of the complete meltdown I expected he went to the computer, opened the file and asked for my help. I read the first paragraph to him out loud and asked him to tell me what he'd just heard. Then I asked him to write it down. We went through two more paragraphs until I was sure that he understood. Two hours and three pages later, he had a new paper. It's wonderful and I wanted to bust with pride at the maturity he showed and his willingness to correct his error.

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