Mr W (2y6m) loves to help cook.

Yesterday he wanted to cut stuff up.

I picked out a knife and gave it to him and told him to make cubes of the cheese. I gave him strips to cube - one at a time.

He told me he wanted four strips.

I gave him four. He stacked the strips, then cut them all the same time. (This was his invention.)

He then wanted the block of cheese.

And proceeded the cube the whole thing by doing slices, then strips, then cubes. He cut two slices, stacked them, did the strips, etc.

He can mix pancakes all by himself - even the eggs. I still do the pouring when it comes to cooking. He likes to flip the pancakes, too. We use an electric griddle as the one on the stove does not have a plastic guard around the edge and he burn a knuckle once.