This one is more of a funny:

DS5 insists we go to the bookstore to buy a math workbook. I am browsing for books for my students and he is browsing in the math workbook section. After awhile he drags me over to his section and shows me a book he's chosen and says, " Let's get this, Math Fundamentals 1st Grade." I scan the book and it seems like he knows most of the material already so I go through a couple more books. I pick up one called, "Math for Gifted Students" and ask him if he would like that one because the work might be more interesting. He thinks about it and says, " I don't know. It's not a present is it? " Rather than explain what gifted means, I just let him buy the one he wanted in the first place.

1 funny/brag:

DS needed to figure out the number of lightbulbs in our apartment for a Dr. Suess book he got for his birthday. Even though we live in a 3 bedroom and pretty small apartment we have a ton of light bulbs! When he told me what he wanted to do I was less than looking forward to this tedious task because I thought we would have to go around and count all of them. DS ran to my room and counted seven light-bulbs and promptly says, " Okay each room has the same number and there are four rooms with 7 so what is 7, 4 times?" He couldn't do the actual multiplication for that but I was pretty impressed that he understood the concept and also a bit embarrassed at myself for not realizing that I actually had to think for a moment to realize that indeed all 4 rooms had the exact configuration and number of lights!