A few little brags here, one not quite a gifted brag, but still cool.
1. We got her (DD14's) schedule yesterday, we went to her locker afterwards, and looked at some of her classes. When we were leaving, she had to go to band practice, but wanted to compare schedules with her friends, so kept it, and then a few seconds later, she said "but I have it memorized anyway, so I guess you can have it." I said something about "you might know the classes and the teachers, but do you know the room number?" She proceeded to repeat back her schedule in order, complete with class, teacher, *and* room number. (okay, she missed one room number, but I still think that was *kind* of brag worthy) She then went on to tell me how much she like her locker combo because of some math thing that was over my head.
2. She proceeded on to band practice. The brag here is that she is started band with 3 years less experience than the other kids, and had to learn how to play the saxophone over the summer. She's had band camp for 8 hours a day all this week in the Texas heat, and I think she's having a lot of fun, and appreciating having something to do. Last night, the band marched in a parade and played some fun songs for us.