My 12 year old twice exceptional son who was diagnosed with motor dyspraxia and also has low muscle tone and endurance issues and wears a scoliosis brace and gets frequent migraines, finished his last performance as Mr. Mayor in Seussical the Musical yesterday. His timing was excellent, he performed with confidence, he sang all of his solos really well, he stayed in character and handled it well when there was a problem with the music starting early without allowing time for him to say his lines. One of the other actor's moms, a teacher, said he was good the last show they did, but he has improved even more.

During rehearsals, he was one of the first to know all of his lines and songs and the director thanked him for being "consistent" and always doing his part well. He has incredible focus and maturity and has somehow learned to pace himself and rest in between scenes so that he has the energy to do his part well. He wore his scoliosis brace for all rehearsals except the last one and was able to tune out the fact that he was uncomfortable and had pain in his feet.

He is the only kid in the group with a disability and he is doing as well or better than kids without disabilities.
I liked the scene in the play when Mr. and Mrs. Mayor send their son to a military camp where the general points out the kid who hummed in the shower, the kid who couldn't color in the lines, and the one who had an opinion. My child had all of these "problems" and our public school reminds me of the Seussical's military academy.