Not really a brag in the gifted department but definitely one showing the maturity of DD.

DD's birthday is this month and we decided she was ready to have her ear's pierced. On the way over to the mall DD said in a matter of fact way that having her ears' pierced was going to hurt and then asked me if it would. I said it shouldn't but the pop sound from the gun might scare you a little. I half-expected at that point she would change her mind, but she was ready. We had to wait for others to finish up before getting her's done but DD was patient and picked out her earrings. When it was her time she climbed up into the chair and sat there by herself and waited patiently while they marked and remarked her ears for the holes. Okay ... Mommy IS a perfectionist so it took them a while. wink

When they finally did do her ears she was so still and never cried. She didn't even flinch! They thought she was in shock but the minute they said they were done she climbed out of the chair and ran over to the mirror to take a look at her earrings and then when we left the store she gave me a huge smile and said I was quiet. I guess she figured that was the mature way of handling it.