We took Mr W (2y6 mos) to "Toys R Us" for the first time last weekend.

He took two hours walking through the store looking at stuff. There were a few things he wanted badly, and he changed his mind a few times, too. So we replaced items in the cart a few times.

He picked out nerf swords, a race track with electric controls, an RC car, and some books.

When he wants to play with the nerf swords he will give me one, then say either, "En Garde!" or "Defend yourself!" then come at me like a Sith Lord.

He loves his electric racetrack. He cannot hold the controller with one hand and work the toggle, so he presses it against his body and uses his index fingers to control the pressure. He figured it out pretty quick. He watched DW for a bit, then had the car going around the track just fine. He will let the car go around a few times, then pick a curve and max the speed and send the car flying, laughing hilariously.

The RC Car is a bit more involved, but he can move it around the house now.