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We bought the BBC Life series for our budding biologist. It is AMAZING in HD, coolest thing I have ever seen. She watched the first disc this morning with her atlas on her lap and was constantly pressing pause so she could look up where each animal was from. She asked so many questions, I have no idea how she heard anything that Richard Attenborough was saying.

We've not gone HD yet, but yes, all the David (it's David who is the naturalist broadcaster btw - Richard Attenborough is his brother the actor) Attenborough programmes are fantastic, aren't they? Good thing is there are a lot of them... I think the original Life On Earth may still be the best for overall interest, but the photography only gets better as the years go by. I bought a boxed set for my own birthday, and it was promptly hijacked by DS-then-4, who insisted on me making a list of all the animals mentioned in the first episode. Lots of fun, lots of learning :-)
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