These are cute- love the impertinent squirrel comment!

I was sitting with my busy 2 yo son at the start of church services, keeping him occupied till it was time to go to the play group. He was chattering away about all of the "H" cars he had seen in the lot- Hondas, Hyundais LOL. And asked if there were any Ferraris to be seen. He was working on trying to write letters with a quiet chatter. Later the lady who was sitting in front of us came over and said she was shocked at his advanced vocabulary and knowledge of letters. She kept saying, "good luck with school he's too smart as it is".

I also feel very proud because we were at the park today, and he had extremely good manners and self control with an older child who wouldn't share his cars. Nick went over, introduced himself, and asked politely if he could play with him. (the boy had 10 cars all to himself). The other LO wrapped his arms around all the cars and refused to play/share despite his mom prompting him. My sweet LO just kept politely saying, "please, will you share with me? I'd love to play with you and your cars?"
He never lost his temper. He didn't hit/grab/yell. just calmly walked away after I explained that the other child wasn't in a mood to share and maybe we needed to find something else to do.
I was very proud.
Oh, and he grabbed and slid down the "fireman's pole" at the park unassisted. shocked