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Today at a coffee shop, I was complimenting DS on his being very polite, including a very vague reference to his age when I heard a little gasp from behind me. A very nice woman had turned around in her chair and was staring.

"I thought he was FIVE!" she said.


I guess he really WAS being polite. (mostly please and thank you, and some negotiation around what size of muffin pieces should be eaten by small boys) Politeness has been our big project lately, since I was getting tired of him hitting people and throwing food. So this is really MY brag. DS was polite, but I darned well get the credit for pointing out he SHOULD be wink


Well deserved brag! I'm scratching my head why the woman was shocked by a young child's politeness though. My DD (3 1/2) has always had manners from a very young age: she learned to say please and thank you before she was even a year old. Now it is second nature for her and she doesn't even think twice about it.