DD7 is finishing 2nd grade and we just had her end of year conferences to discuss her standardized test results from the test the school took a couple of months ago. The test is called CTP4 (from a company called ERB). There are about 200 questions on the test and 5 areas they are tested in: auditory comprehension, reading comprehension,word analysis, writing mechanics and mathematics.
She only got 10 questions wrong! whistle Her percentiles were the 5th highest in the school (from 1st grade to 9th grade). smile Most of the subtest scores were 100%s. It was really amazing to see such high scores across the board. Usually when I look at test results for my students there is at least one section that is lower than the rest. I was sharing the results with a colleague who is a college counselor and he said he has never seen such amazing results.