DD goes to an academy which is different then most places around here. Most places have a little studio and are 99.9% all young girls. At the academy they not only have classes running through high school but also their own production house so they put on a lot of in house shows as well as traveling ones. Just my opinion, but I think the way the academy is set up attracts more talent and especially boys. The night of DD's recital I got to see the older kids perform and I was really impressed with the boys. One boy who is around 12 or 13 was of real interest. I suspect he didn't come to class that much so he didn't have his routine down perfectly, but what he did perform you could tell he had naturally raw talent.

Good luck to your children ... I bet your son will do wonderfully since he has been practicing so much. And as for your daughter ... I suspect the excitement will be through the roof after she comes off that stage. (Not that she won't be excited before and during.)