My 12 year old son and I went to a homeschool spelling bee yesterday. He was nervous not because he didn't know all the words, but because he competed at state level a few years ago and misspelled what he thought was an easy word. He had never misspelled the word before. He called what happened a glitch. He was worried that it might happen again. He told me he would much rather sing a solo on stage than do this, but he decided to try it.

When they finally called his group up on stage there was no outward sign of anxiety. Instead, he seemed to exude confidence. There was no glitch this time. He won. He conquered the glitch and he had a nice trophy to add to his collection.

He also found out that he got the part of Mr. Mayor in Seussical. He was very happy about it and I wish I'd had the camera when I first told him. He said he didn't really want to play the part of the little boy, even though he liked the song "Alone in the Universe" that he auditioned with. He was in the age range to play JoJo, but he just doesn't seem like a little boy any more after the last growth spurt. He is almost as tall as I am.