Yes, great stories, love the one about Bear's work wowing the high school teacher, Wyldkat!

We visited the family night for the gt pull out program my ds9 is in, and got to view the various centers he's been working on, and the group roller coaster project. He learned a lot about gears and built a cool target game with a lego engineering center which he really enjoyed. He is now speeding through a Mythology center to wrap up the year on a 'high' as mythology is a big favorite for him. He is very excited and doing really well. Best of all his anxiety about being perfect at school has substantially subsided, I am not sure why, but he is much much more relaxed if he doesn't get an 'A' on something.

Dd4 is becoming a very polite reasonable little girl, compared with the last several months of 'No No No', so I am really proud of her maturity and willingness to listen more and more often. It is such a relief.