Wolf(5.8) just figured out division in his head with no real prior explanation! He had to figure out the factors of 60 and said, "Well, 3 goes into 6 twice, but then there's the zero." I jumped in and showed him how it works on paper and he got it immediately. He was so proud of himself and can't wait to tell his ISP teacher the next time he sees her.

Speaking of which, his teacher copied out the last page of his last fractions book (the first in a series of four books our school system uses to bring remedial high school students up to speed) and brought it to the high school math teacher. (I love her sense of humor!!!). She showed it to the poor unsuspecting teacher who looked it over and said, "Looks like the kid has dyslexia." Wolf's teacher said something along the lines of, "That's not the problem, the number reversal is age appropriate. The student is 5." High school teacher's jaw hit the floor according to Wolf's teacher. She added, "You're going to be seeing him in a couple of years." To which the high school teacher responded, "Nope, he'll probably skip right past me." She was curious what Wolf's teacher did with a kid like that. I think the response was, "I'm not sure, but it's working so far." LOL!