Writing's been a weak spot for my DS8 who's a bookworm. My husband keeps telling me all that reading will eventually reflect to his writing. But I wasn't sure when it's going to happen. Thanks to my threat and persuasion, my hubby has helped my son write a paragraph almost every weekend since this school year started. English isn't my native language, so I wasn't comfortable afterschooling writing with him.

Anyway, my son showed a paper to me this afternoon and I couldn't believe he wrote the following story by himself at school without my hubby's help.

The Pirate Who Met a Giant

Once upon a time a pirate named Jack set foot on a misty island. He called to see if there were villages he could find to rob. There were no call backs but one. It was a giant. He said, "Fee fi fo fum who sets foot on my island!" Pirate Jack said back, "You scurvy giant sucm, you shall not have this island!" Then Jack found the giant and dueled and fought until the giant fell down and said, "I'll surrender since you defeated me." Jack said, "Good, now you can leave now." The giant went away and later Jack left the island to steal from villages far away. That was how the story began.

We gave him a ton of compliments. His confidence in writing got boosted 10 times at least today. Hope days of frustration in writing are behind us.