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LOL, that is hilarious! Sounds so much like my DS5, he always wants us to give him algebra problems while in the car. It does take a lot of thinking because if I give him an easy one he solves it in seconds and I have to think of another one (plus he tells me to give him a harder one) and if I give him a hard one I have to figure out the answer in my head first(while I am driving of course) and then try to remember it. Sometimes I get distracted and he tells me the answer and then I have to check and see if he was right. Makes car rides not so relaxing. Thankfully when I put classical music on that usually gets him singing and humming and slightly distracted. : ) On long trips we thankfully have a whole basket of mind puzzles and math stuff to keep his brain nourished.

For our car rides I am commissioned with handing out questions in all areas and you would think after 44 years and being an educator I could think of many questions...but I get brainlocked after a while...guess I should look at it as anti-alzheimer's training. :-)