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The only way to get him to go to the toilet is to give him a 'maths challenge'. It's harder than you'd think to come up with them, considering you need to know the answer yourself.

Just noticed this one, all the stories are funny/great, but this one is just to die for. laugh

Ds9 has come to grips again with multiplication (obviously not a brag, just a relief, as he did great last year then proceeded to dump all that stuff from him brain over the summer.) Now every thing about math is easy again, just like the 2nd part of last year. Fractions ("mom it's like arm wrestling with a baby!"), decimals, etc. He was feeling pretty yucky all last week and still went to school with some encouragement, aced his various tests, and felt better at the end that he hadn't just tummy-ached out of them. He came home from his gt class the last couple weeks really excited about getting to do the lego engineering project (like a center he gets to choose to work on for several weeks), and also this week, they did some forensic science stuff, talked about and examined their own fingerprints and stuff like that.
Dd3.5 is becoming a bit of an inventor of both words (Soctopus was her latest really funny one) and things; she has a great vocab so to amuse herself she changes up the words she already knows. The other day she grabbed a plastic bag I had in the car and put her arms through the handles like a backpack, announcing that she had on a parachute! It really looked cool and I was pretty surprised (of course setting off all sorts of alarm bells, child playing with plastic bag!!).