Took the lads to the optometrist today for their annual checkup. The doctor asked Chico (4) if he wanted to look at letters or pictures (I didn't tell her he could read already); he said, "well, that depends. Do the letters have serifs, or not?" which I found amusing. Then when she was taking a picture of the back of his eye, he looked at the green and purple flashes and said, "oh no, alien probes!"

Groucho (6) insisted on reading the letters, not one at a time, but as "words". After several strings of pretty miscellaneous consonants, he said, "what language is this? Hungarian? It at least looks like something Finno-Ugric to me."

Harpo (8) just did his usual quiz about how every single machine in the place worked.

I'm glad the doctor puts up with us! She's a bit eccentric herself, which is very nice.

Lots of great stories since last time I was here! Hello and welcome to all the new folks!