That is one of the reasons I still love my baby monitor (even though DS is 4 now). You hear some pretty cool stuff sometimes.

I have one. We were at a restaurant with some friends and the kids were playing in one of those rooms with the slides and stuff. There is also a huge globe in there. It is a 'kiddy' globe in that it is quite simplistic but, DS still loves it.

I went and got DS because we were all going up to get some ice cream and walked by one of the dads. He asked me if DS was mine and I said yes. I was thinking "oh no, now what did he do?" The guy said, "He is amazing!" I kind of looked at him like, OK?? He said, "He was in there telling me all the countries and where they should be on that globe in there!" I just laughed and said, "yeah, he likes countries."

His speech must be getting a lot better. 8)

Of course, we let them go play again and then I got comments he was knocking kids down. (ooops...he is really big for his age and I think sometimes he doesn't realize it. He is like a great dane that thinks he is a lap dog, ha ha.)