I love those Twinkle Toes. That really took me back to when my dd (now 5) really started to speak. For over a year she seemed to just be collecting nouns (bird, spoon, book) - but refused to speak in sentences. Then when she hit 22-months, she said her first real sentence, "Get her out!" (referring to her new baby sister placed in a baby seat she coveted). Less than a month later, she was spouting off sentences like, "Want to get out of the car and go to the beach with mommy and daddy."

My dd ended up with a vocabulary like your dd's. Your post reminded me of one early sentence that really struck me. She was 23-months standing by a row of occupied swings at a neighborhood park. Her eyes filled with tears (highly emotional kid) and she turned to me, lip trembling, and said, "I am waiting my turn. I am being patient." That's one I actually went home and wrote down.